Hello everyone,
in this post i 'll describe what the fuck happened with Factions server. Okay so 1 month ago someone called -gameking890- | -PatrioticCross- | -Ethan Coil- on facebook, joined on our server spends 620usd for purchasing ranks and items. After several days he told us that he was sick on hospital, but at the same time, "his daughter" did a chargeback about this 620usd. He lied to us that "his daughter" did it and if he come out of hospital he 'ill cancel these cases of chargeback. He never did it, this is the proof for this.

What are we going to do now?

  • take back all of these purchased ranks/items
  • reset Factions with 3 Top Factions get them rewards

1 last thing is the most serious:
"we ill be back online before 25 december with a lot of chrismats presents"

Your sincerely -extaZ-
Hello everyone,
today is a big day. Today Factions is at last back! As you know and as i said we update the most of our plugins as a result to avoid crashes and of course exploits and bugs and we add a lot of RPG plugins and things.

Detailed Description:

  • Allies limited to 3 as before.
  • Faction members limited to 10 as before.
  • Personal Power seted to 15.
  • New /warp PvP added.
  • New /warp Nether added.
  • New /warp End added.
  • New CustomEnchantments added.
  • Rage level limited to 2x from 4x.
  • Sharpness & Protection enchantment level limited to 8 from 11.
  • New /spawn map added.
  • Unarmed McMMo skill disabled to prevent items lose while hitting with your hand.
  • Swords level cap setted to 2,000.
  • Axes level cap setted to 1,000.
  • Mining level cap setted to 1,000.
  • New sell prices for Blaze Rods(1,000$) and Iron Ingots(4,000$)
  • New sell prices for Blaze Heads(1,000$) and Iron Heads(4,000$)

FACTIONS GRAND RE-OPENING AT 7:00 (UTC+02:00) pm. Be there!
Screenchare Tutorial ONLY for Staff-Members (Helpers, Mods, etc.)

A current problem in DemonicPvP is the screensharing, however, is the lack of experience that both staff and members of the server have on detecting hacked clients. Hopefully with this guide you will learn a thing or two about screensharing.

Screensharing? Ghost Clients? Legit Hacks?:
What is Screesharing?
Screensharing is when a moderator or player shares screen with the suspected cheater. The moderator will go through the person's computer searching for any type of hacked client. Think of screensharing as another anticheat that helps remove players who bypass AAC.

Why must we Screenshare?
Screensharing allows for moderators to remove players from the server who are not detected by the anti cheat. It also gives assurance that players are not hacking and promotes a cheat free
environment. With screensharing moderators can make sure that their bans are rightfully justified.

What is a Ghost Client?
Ghost Client: A hacking client that can be hidden from the prespective of other users. Often hidden in other mods such as armor status, waypoints, etc...

What are Legit Hacks?
Legit Hacks: Hacks that give players advantages but are not blantatly obvious

Type of Legit Hacks:
Triggerbot: Automatically attacks when a player or mob falls into the crosshair of a triggerbotter
Aimbot: Assists the user in aiming at players or mobs
Reach: Gives the player more reach than 3 blocks...
Hello everyone,
Factions Reset is almost ready. Now we just adding new plugins and of course new features. Also we upgrated to 16GB and with a 2.66 Hz CPU. Furthermore we are fixing the issue with Unloaded Chunks, that issue was 1 from the serious problems at Season 3. Here is a picture:
Stay tuned guys Factions will be back very soon with a lot of upgrates and features!
Hello everyone,

In this post i ll explain the reasons for those Factions Server ill be reseted.

First of all when we started host the server, we decided to reset Factions every 5 months.

Things which ill be reseted every 5 months at Factions Reset:

  • Players Balances -> /bal
  • All inventory/enderchest items and general all items.
  • PlayerVaults -> /pv
  • Map Reset -> All bases and main spawn ill reset.
  • Auction Items -> /ah & /auc
  • All McMMo stats.
  • McMMo Ranks -> WARNING: ONLY /rankup Ranks will reset Donor Ranks are permanent.
  • PlayerSkills -> /skills will reset
All of this will only reset every 5 months.
1 week before Factions Reset we ill post the new features and of course the /f top Prizes and Rewards.

Okay so 3 days ago @Developers and his faction members inform me that something isn't good at Factions. The problem was that i was moved to a new house and i hadn't internet. So i couldn't check what exactly happened on Factions. They also informed me that a big amount of players lost their homes and all factions got disbanded. From the first time we believed that someone, somehow hacked into mine and vagg's account, because these are the only "OP" accounts and hacked the server but it is not possible because we had protected our "IP" accounts. So then we checked the version of Essentials and Factions plugin and we understand that the version of these plugins wasn't combatible with server's version. After that i downloaded and installed the latest version of both plugins. Then we wil reset Factions. Further threads about...
Wow, September is over already? Well, here are the Top Voters of the month!

Click the spoiler to see the Top Voter rewards. You may only redeem your prize on one server.
1st Place - 3 DemonicPvP Keys
2nd Place - 2 DemonicPvP Keys
3rd Place - 1 DemonicPvP Key
4th Place - 1 DemonicPvP Key
5th Place - 1 DemonicPvP
1st! @iTzSkillShots - 147 votes
2nd! @TheBearkIng - 140 votes
3rd! @Tachyon42 - 138 votes
4th! @ofekking33k - 126 votes
5th! @xxFuriousDxx - 117 votes

Thank you for participating!
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Staff Application Guide ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

As you know applying for staff is a big deal for some. We couldn't function without a good staff team. You should keep in mind that all an application means is that you are interested in helping us out; it does not guarantee you will get a rank or position on the server. And please note: our staff members are not paid. It is considered volunteering.

---------------- How to Post. -----------------
  1. Login/Register
  2. Go at this link ->
  3. Then hit the "Post New Thread" button.

Helper - first staff position.
Helpers deal with the simple tasks, such as welcoming newcomers, answering server questions and reporting rule breakers to Moderators. They also deal with...

The official server rules! If you find something wrong or inconsistent/missing here, please inform us.

This section applies to every server on our network.

Alts - additional accounts besides a main account.

  • You may not use more than 1 account on our network. The only exceptions to this are if you have more than 1 account with a paid rank. You can use both accounts, but not at the same time. Only 1 account can be online at once or you risk being punished.
  • If you wish to register a sibling or friend under your ip you MUST talk to a staff member so that they can confirm that there are two different people using the accounts, this is usually done by having both people walk around. We do this to prevent any false punishments for alting.

Bypassing Punishments - any means of disregarding an intended punishment placed on you (ie: making another account to bypass a ban, spamming commands to make noise in chat despite being muted)

  • You may not bypass any punishment placed on you by a staff member. If you have a disagreement or question about why you were punished, you can take that here.

Spam (n) -...
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Voting helps promote our server on the server lists. You may vote on each of these sites once every day. Upon voting, you will receive a Vote Key. Visit /warp crates when you are ready to open your key(s)!


  • You must be online when you vote.
  • Your votes will only go to the server that you are currently on. Keep this in mind if you want to save votes for our other servers.

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