5 Block Reach? AutoClicking, Triggerbot, Ghost Clients? - "Ultimate Screenshare Guide"

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Sep 14, 2017
Screenchare Tutorial ONLY for Staff-Members (Helpers, Mods, etc.)

A current problem in DemonicPvP is the screensharing, however, is the lack of experience that both staff and members of the server have on detecting hacked clients. Hopefully with this guide you will learn a thing or two about screensharing.
Screensharing? Ghost Clients? Legit Hacks?:
What is Screesharing?
Screensharing is when a moderator or player shares screen with the suspected cheater. The moderator will go through the person's computer searching for any type of hacked client. Think of screensharing as another anticheat that helps remove players who bypass AAC.

Why must we Screenshare?
Screensharing allows for moderators to remove players from the server who are not detected by the anti cheat. It also gives assurance that players are not hacking and promotes a cheat free
environment. With screensharing moderators can make sure that their bans are rightfully justified.

What is a Ghost Client?
Ghost Client: A hacking client that can be hidden from the prespective of other users. Often hidden in other mods such as armor status, waypoints, etc...

What are Legit Hacks?
Legit Hacks: Hacks that give players advantages but are not blantatly obvious

Type of Legit Hacks:
Triggerbot: Automatically attacks when a player or mob falls into the crosshair of a triggerbotter
Aimbot: Assists the user in aiming at players or mobs
Reach: Gives the player more reach than 3 blocks
AutoClicker: Automatically clicks with the touch of a button
KB Modifier: Modifies the knockback a player recieves
W-Tap: Times W-Taps to be the most effective
Hitboxes: Modifies the hitboxes of a player

Set Policies for Screensharing:

Policy 1:
  • 5-7 min policy to join screenshare
Reason: Waiting for a player to join a screenshare takes up time from helping others

Policy 2:

  • Long Bans for refusing to SS
Reason: A person refusing to SS obviously has something to hide. Refusing a SS should be punished with a week ban

Policy 3:

  • Bans for having any type of client even if not in use

Reason: I think a one day ban should be applied to users who have hack clients in their minecraft but they are not using it at the time of the ss. It would be unclear on whether they ever used the hacks on the server. The one day ban would help for users to clean out their minecraft folder and reflect on their decision to install a hacked client.

Policy 4:

  • Ban for Refusal to Download SS Programs
Reason: SS Programs help speed up the time in takes to finish a screenshare. Users who refuse to download SS programs should be punished as the programs have been proven to not be viruses of any kind.

ScreenShare Tools:
TeamViewer: PressMe

UltaScreenShareProgram: PressMe

How to start a ScreenShare:
1. Begin by informing the user that you are going to screenshare him
2. Inform them to not log out and join the Discord Server
3. Set a time limit of around 5-7 minutes(Prevents Deleting of Files etc...)
4. Once they join the discord server inform them to download anydesk and give their code to you
5. Connect to the user and find a way of fast communication

Detecting Blatant Clients:
Method 1:

1. Begin by asking the user to press F3 on their keyboard.

2. Something similar to this should display: https://gyazo.com/ede7d87151af80eb77b536470c17e9a5

3. On the first line check what version of minecraft they are running.

4. It should display only the minecraft version or forge if they are using it .

5. If the name of a popular hacked client such as "huzuni' appears the user is 100% using a hacked client.

Method 2:

*Most blantant hack clients have their interface bounded to the shift key or the gravel key

1. Begin by asking the user to navigate to their options and than to their controls

2. Once in the controls, find the bind for the Attack/Destory command

3. Bind the attack key to right shift: https://i.gyazo.com/a68dab36be3bea4ec0481436a54b104d.png

4. Exit out of controls and options

5. Inform the player to press their right shift key

6. If they are pressing the right shift key you should see the playermodel punching

7. If the playermodel is not punching they either have a hack client bounded to their right shift or they are not pressing the right shift key

Method 3:
1. Navigate to %appdata% and than to the minecraft folder

2. Check their minecraft versions

3. If the user has a hacked client check for the date modified

4. If the date modified is in recent times they could have been using it on the server

Detecting Ghost Clients:

*Self Destructing Clients are basically hacked clients with a feature that allow for users to remove the client from the game. These clients are hidden in mods like keystrokes mod, bsp core etc...

Detection Method 1(Fastest Method):
1. Lauch BLSquad - 2.0.4.exe

2. Run all the given programs in order to check when the player use hacks.

3. A notfication should appear if a hack client is found

Detection Method 2(Vape Client):
1. Lauch BLSquad - 2.0.4.exe

2. Go to "Applications Tab"

3. Go at middle

4. And select LeoSmacher (if it isnt selected)

5. And Press "Launch"

6. Then wait for the programm to be opened

7. After that press Lauch

8. If a message like "Something Self-Destruct found" appeared then user used Vape-Client/Hacks

Other Methods:
Method 1(Razer Synapse):
1. Open Razer Synapse
2. Navigate to the Macros tab
3. Select the Macro drop down menu
4. Go through each macro and check if their is a macro for autoclicking

Method 2(Recycle Bin):
1. Navigate to the users Recycle Bin
2. Check if their is any suspicous files in the recycle bin
3. Check the date modified
4. If the date modified is in the time frame before the screenshare ban the user

Method 3(Skype):
1. Navigate to %appdata% and than to the Skype folder
2. Double click on the "Skype Recieved Files Folder"
3. Check for any fishy mods in that folder

*Thanks for reading my tutorial. Make sure to leave a comment with feedback or suggestions. I will continue to add more methods if I find any.
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