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Sep 14, 2017

The official server rules! If you find something wrong or inconsistent/missing here, please inform us.

This section applies to every server on our network.

Alts - additional accounts besides a main account.

  • You may not use more than 1 account on our network. The only exceptions to this are if you have more than 1 account with a paid rank. You can use both accounts, but not at the same time. Only 1 account can be online at once or you risk being punished.
  • If you wish to register a sibling or friend under your ip you MUST talk to a staff member so that they can confirm that there are two different people using the accounts, this is usually done by having both people walk around. We do this to prevent any false punishments for alting.

Bypassing Punishments - any means of disregarding an intended punishment placed on you (ie: making another account to bypass a ban, spamming commands to make noise in chat despite being muted)

  • You may not bypass any punishment placed on you by a staff member. If you have a disagreement or question about why you were punished, you can take that here.

Spam (n) - irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.

  • No spamming chat or commands.

Hacking (v) - Using any client mod that gives an unfair advantage over other players

Hacking is very disruptive to gameplay and the community. It's very upsetting for most people to know that they were killed/beaten due to the other player having an unfair advantage.
Examples: Fly Hack, Reach, Crits, Aimbot, Clickbot, Xray, Chest Finder, Macros and others alike.

  • No hacking.
You may use /mods in-game to see mods that are allowed. Those mods apply to the server you are on specifically.


Exploit (v) - make full use of and derive from (a source)

This is definitely a bad rule to break. It includes glitches from plugins and Minecraft itself. Things such as duping take up most of the offenses in this category. If you hear about one of these exploits, please report it. Hiding information and keeping secrets is just as bad as making use of the exploit itself.

  • No exploiting

Do not post links to pornography, explicit content, inappropriate pictures, or screamer sites on chat or TeamSpeak. Although you may be old enough to look at such, a lot the players around you on the forums/server are not. Please respect that.

  • No obscenity

Advertising is a 0 tolerance offense, especially for new players. Whether if you are on the forums or the server. There should be no posting or messaging unrelated websites/links or giving any hints of joining a server. This includes server name, website, and the server ip's too, obviously..

  • No advertising.

We have chat filters for a reason. If a word is blocked on the server you are on, do not try to type it in a way to bypass it.

  • No bypassing the chat filter

Do not plague our community with all caps or a hostile attitude towards others. Also, do not provoke someone into an argument purposely. For example, "Hey kid you suck at pvp get good LOL". That will earn you a well deserved mute. If you need to settle your differences, do it politely. Or do it somewhere else where we can't see or hear you.

  • No raging/flaming.

Racism of any kind if not allowed here. We house players from all over the world, and may I remind you, this is *insert year*. We are all human, that's all that matters.

  • No racism.

Do not lash out at a player, threatening him/her with something illegal. This includes threats of hacking, DDoS, Doxing (exposing personal information), stalking, death threats, etc..

  • No illegal threats.

AFK Machine - any method, contraption or device that allows you to not get kicked by the 15 minute AFK kicker, despite being AFK.

  • No AFK machines.

No McMMO skills are intended to be leveled while AFK. This includes any way you can level up a McMMO stat without physically being at your device. There are other specific rules for skilling which you must abide by below:

  • No AFK skilling.
  • No AFK grinding with Dogs for McMMO XP or Vanilla XP.
  • No grinding with more than 5 Dogs for McMMO XP or Vanilla XP (can't be AFK either)
  • You will be expected to respond to a staff members message whilst grinding, if not it can result in a ban even if you claim to be watching youtube or anything of that nature.

Tile entities are things like chests, hoppers and similar blocks that you can interact with. When there is a large amount of these tile entities loaded, it puts servers under a much greater stress (which causes lag). The main time you see a lot of these tiles are in huge farms with hoppers. Be it a item sorter or cactus farm, or anything else, we need a rule in place for how big you can go. It's not the size though, it's the actual amount of tile entities you have that matter.

  • No more than 750 Hoppers in your base/grinder.

Abusing regular/donator commands which provides a player the ability to store items, give an advantage to one player, or changes the outcome of the fight for a player while they are combat tagged is illegal.
Examples: /ah, /auc, /kit, /fix or /fix all, /wild, /shop, /ec, /pv, /fly and others alike.

    • No using any unfair commands in combat that provide items, speed, or repairs and others.
    • Players can use /feed
This section applies to Factions only.

Players must not have any homes set in any server protected areas. Players may not also have a sethome in faction land that is not yours (unless that Faction's leader states otherwise).. This is completely up to the Faction owner and they can change their mind at any time. If they request for you to remove a home, please do so to avoid punishment. If you are removed from the faction you are required to delete any homes you may have set regardless of whether or not the owner has asked you to do so. If you are part of a faction and sethome in a claim where the faction owner doesn't allow you to, you must also delete the home when asked by the faction owner.

  • You may not have a sethome in any warzone, safezone, koth, shop, spawn area or any other place with server protection.
  • You many not have a home in any other claims beside your own.
  • Your home must be removed in a restricted area of the faction you are in only if the owner asks you to.
  • You may sethome in another faction's claim ONLY if the faction owner allows you to.

Teleportation Trapping ("TP trapping") - teleporting a player to you while in a faction claims or an area where they cannot make an immediate escape and proceeding to kill them
Teleportation Killing ("TP killing") - teleporting a player to you with the intent of killing by baiting them or use of any other methods such as saying, "teleport to me for a free raid," and then proceeding to kill them.

A good rule of thumb: If you teleport a player with the intent of killing them, it is illegal.

  • No teleportation traps.
  • No teleportation killing.
  • Normal traps that do not involve teleportation trapping are allowed.

  • You are not allowed to use all teleportation commands in order to glitch inside of a base. That resort to permanent ban.

Scam - a dishonest scheme; a fraud.
Shop Scam - a dishonest scheme involving a player saying they will buy something in the server store (web store, not in-game) for another in exchange for in-game money/items (and vice-versa), but not following through on the agreement. (must have proof of agreement to be punishable)

  • Scamming is not allowed in /ah or /auc.
  • Shop Scamming is not allowed.
  • Lying to a new player about the rule of scamming isn't allowed. e.g. "Scamming isn't allowed anyway so you can trust me"
  • Rank scamming is not allowed.

Claim Blocking - Claiming outside of a faction's claims without intent to raid or build a cannon within the next 7 days. Unused claims blocking a faction from expanding will be removed upon request, but only if they are older than 7 days! (Please take a screenshot proving the age before confronting a staff member to unclaim the land)

  • No claiming outside of a factions base to block them from expanding.

Protected Containers - chests, dispensers or any other block that contains items that are not raidable with creeper eggs.

Protected Blocks - Spawners, beacons or other valuable blocks that are not raidable with creeper eggs. This does not include building blocks, such as cobble, obsidian, etc. It only includes items of high value.

Any containers that cannot be raided with creeper eggs are not allowed. We do not want any part of any base to be raid-proof. That is not how Factions is meant to be!

  • Protected containers are not allowed.
  • "Protected blocks" are not allowed.

Major griefing near any warp (such as warp end, warzone, or nether,) is subject to be removed as it obstructs player's movement out of an area. This includes making walls, cobblemonstering, lava walls, water walls, and any other form that obstructs player movement.

  • No lava/water walls near a protected area
  • No cobblemonstering near a protected area

Some vanilla farms that use the natural vanilla spawning of mobs (not a mob spawner) are not allowed in order to protect the economy. Please do not build the specific farms below, or you will be punished.

  • Guardian farms (shard farm)

The Schematica mod allows you to copy a build and move it to anywhere you choose to rebuild it. The mod has a feature that will place the blocks in their designated area as long has you have the specific block needed in your inventory. We do however have limitations to what we will allow players to use the printer feature for.

  • No using printer to build any crop farms.
  • No using printer to build sand walls.
This section applies to Survival only.
Comming Soon.

Disclaimer: we hold the right to change the rules at any given time, with or without notification or modification of this thread.
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