Reset and what happend all this time!

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Sep 14, 2017
Hello everyone,

In this post i ll explain the reasons for those Factions Server ill be reseted.

First of all when we started host the server, we decided to reset Factions every 5 months.

Things which ill be reseted every 5 months at Factions Reset:

  • Players Balances -> /bal
  • All inventory/enderchest items and general all items.
  • PlayerVaults -> /pv
  • Map Reset -> All bases and main spawn ill reset.
  • Auction Items -> /ah & /auc
  • All McMMo stats.
  • McMMo Ranks -> WARNING: ONLY /rankup Ranks will reset Donor Ranks are permanent.
  • PlayerSkills -> /skills will reset
All of this will only reset every 5 months.
1 week before Factions Reset we ill post the new features and of course the /f top Prizes and Rewards.

Okay so 3 days ago @Developers and his faction members inform me that something isn't good at Factions. The problem was that i was moved to a new house and i hadn't internet. So i couldn't check what exactly happened on Factions. They also informed me that a big amount of players lost their homes and all factions got disbanded. From the first time we believed that someone, somehow hacked into mine and vagg's account, because these are the only "OP" accounts and hacked the server but it is not possible because we had protected our "IP" accounts. So then we checked the version of Essentials and Factions plugin and we understand that the version of these plugins wasn't combatible with server's version. After that i downloaded and installed the latest version of both plugins. Then we wil reset Factions. Further threads about "Factions Reset" will be posted soon.
Not open for further replies.