"The True Story about Factions" [we_are_back]


Staff member
Sep 14, 2017
Hello everyone,
in this post i 'll describe what the fuck happened with Factions server. Okay so 1 month ago someone called -gameking890- | -PatrioticCross- | -Ethan Coil- on facebook, joined on our server spends 620usd for purchasing ranks and items. After several days he told us that he was sick on hospital, but at the same time, "his daughter" did a chargeback about this 620usd. He lied to us that "his daughter" did it and if he come out of hospital he 'ill cancel these cases of chargeback. He never did it, this is the proof for this.

What are we going to do now?

  • take back all of these purchased ranks/items
  • reset Factions with 3 Top Factions get them rewards

1 last thing is the most serious:
"we ill be back online before 25 december with a lot of chrismats presents"

Your sincerely -extaZ-